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Aluminum grating

The biggest feature of aluminum grating is lightweight and high corrosion resistant capacity, beautiful appearance. Usually aluminum gratings are used for sewage and waste treatment plants, chemical process industry, off-shore rigging drills, marine applications and more. It can be used for walkways, mezzanine floors, pedestrian bridge walkways, stage flooring and more.

Product Description

Product Description

Aluminum Grating Introduction:

Aluminum grating are typically shipped "mill finish" with no additional treatment. For architectural applications or highly corrosive environments, supplemental anodizing, chemical cleaning, or powder coat finishes are available.

• Mill finish (no finish)

• Anodized (clear, bronze, other)

• Powder coating

• Other

Aluminum Grating Type:

Aluminum grating is manufactured from ASTM B221, 6063, or 6061 alloy, aluminum grating is available in four distinct products: type "SG" Swaged Rectangular Bar, type "SGI" Swaged "I"-bar, type "SGF" Swaged Flush-Top, and type "ADT" Dovetail Pressure Locked. All four products are available with bearing bar spacing ranging from 19/16" (1-3/16") to 7/16" on center and with cross bars at either 4" or 2" on center.

1. SG Aluminum grating

SG aluminum grating is made of aluminum plates and cross bars. It is manufactured by inserting cross bars into pre-punched holes in the bearing bar. The cross bars are then swaged forming a positive mechanical connection. Bearing bars are available with standard plain or optional serrated or Algrip surfaces. The cross bars are fully locked within the bearing bar, slightly below the top surface.

SG Aluminum grating

2. SGI Aluminum grating

SGI aluminum grating is made of I style aluminum plates and cross bars. Advantages include reduced weight per square foot and the striated flanges of the "I"-bar provide enhanced skid resistance without the added cost of serration.

SGI Aluminum grating

3. SGF Aluminum grating

SGF Swaged aluminum grating is flush-Top aluminum grating. Manufactured with a unique, extruded cross bar that is flush with the top surface of the bearing bars, type "SGF" aluminum grating provides an enhanced walking surface for areas subject to continuous pedestrian traffic.

SGF Aluminum grating

4. DT style aluminum grating

DT style aluminum gratings are manufactured T bar aluminum plate, have deep rectangular cross bars and are manufactured by inserting pre-punched bearing bars and cross bars into an interlocking configuration and deforming the cross bars under intense hydraulic pressure.

DT style aluminum grating

Aluminum Grating Advantages:



Resilient & durable

Corrosion resistant

High strength-to-weight ratio

Can be fabricated and customized

Easily recycled & versatile

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