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Galvanized Steel Grating

Galvanized Grating

Galvanized grating, also known as galvanized steel grating or galvanized steel grating, is a steel grating made of low-carbon steel through hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment.

Low carbon steel provides cost-effective high strength for many industrial and commercial applications. And the hot-dip galvanized surface treatment material has excellent anti-rust efficiency, strong and durable.

There are different products of Galvanized grating, such as stainless steel grating, aluminum grating and plain steel grating. Among them, galvanized grating is the most cost-effective and economical one, with long service life and high load. It is the most common use in industrial, industrial and household applications.

Process of Galvanized Grating

Welded galvanized grille. The crossbar is glued to the bearing rod with a high-pressure welding machine, and then reduced in diameter, bundled, and surface treated.

Pressure lock galvanized grille. The crossbar is locked on the bearing rod by slotting and welding and hot-dip galvanizing pressure.

Advantage of Galvanized Grating

high strength. Toughness and robustness far exceed cast iron. It can be used in terminal buildings, flight terminals, and various other large-span and heavy-duty problems.

Hot dip galvanized treatment. Excellent anti-rust furniture, maintenance-free replacement.

Anti-theft layout. The lid and the frame are connected together to provide protection, safety and opening comfort.

Savings and investment. Large span. Compared with cast iron products, the heavy load loss is much less. If cast iron is used, the threat of being brushed or crushed can be avoided, thereby saving costs.

What is Galvanized Grating Used for?

Galvanized grating are created and manufactured for various commercial and civil buildings, as well as buildings in urban roads, gardens, courtyards, airports, trains and industrial designs.

Hot-dip galvanized grating is the best choice for airport terminal steel system. 

The galvanized grating has a durable style and extension ability, which is very strong and safe for the help of floors and elevated walkways. It can be used for ceilings, interior decoration, platform walkways, airflow windows, (wells), marketing plaques, and various other buildings and constructions.

Widely used for cleaning operations in petrochemicals, nuclear power plants, water supply, sewage treatment plants, community operations, systems, corridors, bridges, trench covers, covers, ladders, fences, railings and other places.

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