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How Do i Install Fiberglass Grating?

Sep. 01, 2021

Fiberglass grating

Fiberglass grating


Do you know what precautions to take in the scheduled construction of fiberglass grating?


Confirm the quantity of Fiberglass grating and first take out the laser diagonal to align the edges accurately. Have the 20Troller go back and forth a few more times so that the road can be smoothed out. If the road base width is not accurate, widen both sides by 0.5m or less.



Lay 0.2m thick fine sand on the road surface. Let the workers follow the machine to level the pavement, and then use a 20T press to go back and forth again.



Start laying the glass fiber grating. Remember to lay the glass fiber grating smoothly and without curvature. Use U-nails between every 2m and 3m to stabilize the road surface. A connection of 0.3m is required between adjacent layers.



After the first layer of glass fiber grating has been laid, start laying the second layer of 0.3 m thick sand. The sand is unloaded from the truck onto the side of the roadbed and pushed forward with the bulldozer. It is important that no working machines are allowed on the road so that the levelness of the glass fiber grating can be guaranteed. First, fill the sides of the road with 0.2m. Turn up the layer of glass fiber grating and fill it with 0.2 m of medium sand. After a period of leveling, use a level to measure the level to prevent uneven thicknesses of the sand from being filled in.



The second layer of glass fiber grating is constructed in the same way as above. Then fill in 0.4m of coarse sand, filling in the same way as the first layer.

After confirming the equality of the roadbed, the roller is then used to go back and forth twice. After a few passes with the roller, this will stabilize the road surface.



After the roadbed surface has been leveled, the edge sections are to be refurbished. If the pavement is not wide enough, the surface is also widened.


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