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Press Locked Steel Grating

What is Press Locked Bar Grating ?

Press locked bar grating is a series of up and down positioned metal bars joined to perpendicular cross bars at defined intervals, which creates a load-bearing panel with a smooth appearance.

Press locked bar grating is manufactured from light weight aluminum, carbon steel, as well as stainless-steel in dovetail or swaged buildings. Optional serrated surface areas give raised traction for wet, unsafe, or harmful environments.

Press locked bar grating is made using incredible hydraulic stress to bond the two close-tolerance slotted bars together, completely securing bars into notched bearing bars. This results in a firm, inflexible connection as well as bi-directional flush surface area including a clean, cosmetically pleasing look.

The purpose of the Press Locked Bar Grating

Can be used as a safety screen in commercial buildings;

Modular sandwich structure;

Trees, ditches and drainage cover in municipal works;

Temporary platform in industrial construction;

Provide bridges or floors for vehicles and pedestrians;

Stair treads in industrial buildings;

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