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Press locked steel grating

Press locked bar grating is an exceptionally flexible item that can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Industrial bar grating items like press-locked bar grating offer the benefit of superior lateral support. It likewise produces a smooth, clean look that is favored by engineers and design specialists.

Product Description

Press Locked Bar Grating Description

Press locked bar grating is a collection of up and down located metal bars signed up with to perpendicular cross bars at defined periods, which produces a load-bearing panel with a smooth look. It supports the very same tons as bonded grating, other than it's created with massive hydraulic pressure.

Press locked bar grating is fully welded by flat bar,(smooth flat bar, serrated flat bar, I shape flat bar), it also can be called pressure locked grating, it is made of low carbon steel or stainless steel. With the performance of high bearing capacity, non-slip, anti-corrosion and easy to install and remove, pressure locked grating is widely used for ceilings, platforms, floors, fence and all kinds of cover in the factories, civil and commercial buildings.

Press Locked Bar Grating

Two press-locked steel grating with different mesh sizes which people often use: 33 mm × 33 mm, 33 mm × 11 mm.

Press Locked Bar Grating

Press-locked steel grating style has press-locked steel grating and semi press-locked steel grating.


Press Locked Bar Grating

Advantages of Press Locked Bar Grating

Press locked bar grating is the most commonly used type of grating in numerous countries today. Thanks to a manufacturing innovation which varies significantly from that made use of for the press bonded grating, and which allows a much better variety of items, this kind of grating attends to an almost limitless number of applications. Its layout permits great adaptability relating to the mesh size as well as the elevation as well as thickness of the bearing bars. In mix with the range of products where press secured grating can be produced, we produce grating that are specifically in line with the client's desires and also the meant use. We do not claim that press locked bar grating is the better grating, however it is definitely the much more appealing and also separately customised grating contrasted to welded grating.

Press Locked Bar Grating

Press Locked Bar Grating Application

1.Security screens
2.Mezzanine floors
3.Stair treads
4.Ventilation grates
5.Architectural accents
6.Trench covers
7.Drainage covers
8.Pedestrian walkways 
9.Tree covers 

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